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Employment Opportunities in the Hospitality Industry Management 1 Positions of full-time instructor PDF พิมพ์ อีเมล
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1. Age 25 up

2. Degree Ph.D. in Hotel Management, Tourism Management, Hospitality Management, or related field.

3. Experience : Have experience in teaching and Hospitality or tourism field

4. Publication : Have publications or research published in any recognized journals or publications

5. Language proficiency : Have thigh English proficiency and be able to teach in English


Duties and responsibilities

1. Lecturer is responsible for lecturing in specific designated fields with a teaching load of a minimum three and maximum of four courses a semester

2. Conducts research, social services, cultural preservation and participates on activities arranged by the international College and or PYU.

3. Disciplines and oversees department ' s students to comply with regulations of the University and ethical conduct.

4. Participates and assists the department head to manage curriculums (TQF2) of the department and ensure that the quality of all courses (TQF3,5) are controlled and assessed according to standard of the Office of Higher Education Commission.

5. Supports and assists the department head to create annual activity plan with aim to build HIM, foster student development, develop professional skills, and facilitate intercultural awareness among students, staff, and faculty associated with international programs.

6. Support the management and assists in controlling the performance of the department (SAR) and students performance.

7. Supports the implementation of the department strategic plan.

8. Advises and coaches individual HIM students with in the learning process and counseling them in personal, social, financial, and cross-cultural needs/issues.

9. Lives as a good example to positively enhance the student, staff, and faculty attitudes and experiences of global awareness and internationalization.

10. Assorted duties as assigned by the Head Department or Dean of International College or Vice President of Academic Affairs or the President.


The Office of Human Resource, Payap University

Amphur Muang, Chiang Mai 50000


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